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Emergency Wages Program

The Emergency Wages Program assists women to pay off debts owed, gain employment skills, and build their self-confidence.

Program Information:

  • Women will participate in an intake process to ensure they meet the requirements of the program.
  • If accepted into the program, emergency wages participants will work at the Up Shoppe for up to 35 hours
  • For every hour of work, NEWC will pay their wages directly to the organization that the participant is indebted to. The participant must identify the organization at intake and provide all information for money transfer
  • Preference will be given to first time participants.
  • Participants are required to report earnings to Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) but amounts earned will be confined to the EIA work incentive guidelines. EIA recipients are allowed to earn $200 per month without any deductions from their benefits.

Program Admission Criteria:

Women 18 years or older will be accepted into the program, if they need assistance with one of the following:

  • To cover a damage deposit;
  • To pay off an outstanding debt: Manitoba Housing, Hydro bill, water bill, rent;
  • To pay for criminal record or child abuse checks;
  • Any other emergency situation (pre-approved by the Executive Director or CED Manager).

Skills Gained:

Participants of the program will be provided with basic training in the following retail operations:

  • customer service;
  • merchandising and pricing;
  • receiving merchandise;
  • using store equipment;
  • maintaining an orderly work environment;
  • making and keeping schedules;
  • developing a strong work ethic.

Retail Training Program

This program offers on-the-job retail training for up to one year.

The program helps participants to:

  • learn about retail,
  • build employability skills,
  • increase their life skills,
  • improve their self esteem,
  • build a resume, and
  • search for a stable job.

The program is for women who live in the North End or Inner City.

The Up Shoppe staff creates a positive and supportive work environment for all participants.

Referral Program

The Up Shoppe provides family clothing, shoes, small housewares, linen, and infant layettes to women who meet certain criteria and are referred by partner agencies or NEWC.

The program is for women who:

  • had to suddenly leave home without their belongings,
  • gave birth recently, or
  • had to take in a family member.

Fine Option Program

This program provides an opportunity for women to work off court mandated fines. Women are welcome to work in the safe and comfortable environment of the Up Shoppe and are granted flexible scheduling and priority access to any services of the North End Women’s Centre.

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